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Restoring Earth sustainability
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An enterprise AI platform providing early risk detection & automated predictions to help ensure certainty of supply

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Risk Reimagined

Cervest is building the first automated, predictive and self-learning platform for managing risk in agri-commodity markets. Our tools empower Supply, Sustainability and Risk teams to make smarter decisions.

  • Supply Chain Mapper

    Map your product flows and resource impacts across your entire supply chain to highlight risks, threats, and improve business performance.  We leverage existing sustainability initiatives & integrate weather, land, water, political risk and numerous datasets to build a blueprint of the entire supply chain. Risk heat mapping can be applied to critical product categories, crops, countries or suppliers.

  • Natural Capital Accounting

    Price natural capital against value creation to establish a baseline for reducing natural capital relative to future use. Optimise your footprint based on actual natural capital costs in products, countries, and suppliers to de-risk and optimize sourcing decisions. Automate data flows for meeting emerging disclosure requirements, inc. Natural Capital Protocol and TCFD.

  • Event Risk Prediction

    Predict your customized supply chain risks, threats, and anomalies with real-time intelligence. Assess the immediate dependencies and degree of business impact. Enterprises can use powerful scenario planning tools to forecast risks on products, countries or their entire supply chain. Our customized risk models provide science-based evidence for market disclosures.

Global Resource Security We have 33 growing seasons to double food production, which on an aggregate basis, is equivalent to all the food produced in the past 8000 years. World Wildlife Fund / UN 2014

A More Sustainable World Through Data & Mathematics

The Cervest Platform creates powerful data network effects by combining a variety of complex data points from ‘field-to-fork’ – generating unique machine intelligence that unlocks actionable insights for risks, threats and opportunities.

It deploys multi-modal analysis, inc. Dynamic Bayesian Networks, to analyze and graph 1000’s of variables simultaneously using high performance computing. Actionable intelligence is seamlessly customized for users and delivered through cloud-based products.

Integrating the patented REFS™ engine from strategic equity partner Via Science Inc., augments the Cervest Platform to automatically infer causal relationships – generating accurate predictions, diagnosis, and simulations. Via Science Inc., a pioneer in causal analytics, are proven in solving high-value problems for Fortune 500 and government clients.

Cervest Platform

About Cervest

Our mission is to analyze the world’s agri-food data to predict risks, build resilience, and create new business opportunities in global supply chains.

Given the urgency of sustainability in food markets, we fundamentally believe machine intelligence should augment critical decisions across supply chains. Risk applications routinely inform decisions in other sectors such as banking and health - and are now urgently needed in agri-food markets.

Our mission guides our everyday decisions and identity.

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